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Azoila Melody Summers by Shadowed-Serenity Azoila Melody Summers by Shadowed-Serenity
seventh sanctum contest [link]
the delicate-looking race. they are black-skinned and gold eyes.
the graceful race. they are purple-haired and have dark eyes.their hearing acts as a kind of sonar. to them, music is a prized ability. they avoid all kinds of magic except for summoning magic. they come from another world.

directly from my sketchbook.
details on background, and (possible) better pic to come later, when i come up with them. just needed to hit the deadline. =P
PLEASE :+fav: IF YOU LIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*EDIT*: I realize that she's sitting on nothing... I forgot to add the chair. = PPP

The Siyenite Race used to dominate the planet when it was destroyed by an accident involving a wizard acolyte. The remaining Siyenites voted to ban all magic (besides summoning magic, leaving a nice little loophole for all who wished to practice) after taking temporary refuge on the nearby moon. The light from the explosion caused their eyesight to dim, leaving those with better hearing at a advantage, and evolution worked its magic, creating a kind of sonar. With their heightened hearing, the ability to make music, especially on a visually complicated instrument, became a prized ability. They now mainly live on the planet Erda, which rotates around the star nearest their own.
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April 14, 2009
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